What are the Foods that Lower the blood Sugar?

Have you seen someone who is suffering from diabetes before?. If you have been with someone with this ailment, then you will realize how important is it to lower your blood Sugar which essential diabetic foods and healthy lifestyle.

Diabetes is a common ailment that is commonly associated with the High blood pressure, blindness, strokes and even Heart attacks. And the Food we eat also have effects on raising or lowering of the blood Sugar.

Some of the Diabetic Foods that helps in lowering the Blood Sugar are:

Olive Oil: Olive Oil is one of the most health oils and a better option for cooking, salad dressing and ssome foods eaten cold. Since the Olive oil contains monounsaturated Fats, it is a good option which helps the diabetes patients by reducing the hardening of the arteries thus preventing heart ailments which is closely related to diabetes.
It also helps with the insulin resistance situation.


Berries: People might usually think that fruits are bad for people having diabetes because they have sugar content. but blueberries contains sugar in the form of fructose which is not depedent on the insulin for it to be used by the body.

They also consists of antioxidants and Vitamin C, which helps in repairing body damaged cells and also boost the immune system. Also its leaf extracts, according to research, helps in lowering blood sugar.


Chia Seeds:There are some scientific evidences that makes the Chia Seeds a food with a great benefits for people having diabetes since it has some great benefits for the heart.
Chia Seeds according to scientific studies, helps in controlling blood sugar levels and reducing the risk of having diabetes if you do not have it already.


Avocado:Avocado, from researches, have been proven to be one of the most beneficial foods for health and most especially for the people who had diabetes.
Avocado offers a very low sugar content which does not affect the body sugar balance of someone who already had diabetes. It also contains monounsaturated fats, which benefits heart health.

It also helps in lowering blood Sugar in the body which in turn helps the diabetic patients to reduce their insulin Dosage.


Spices: There are some spices and herbs that helps in lowering blood sugar and proper diabetics management. Some of them achieve this through the blood sugar control and others through reducing cravings for Sugar, regulate insulin production.
A very good examples are the cloves which helps in organ protection and prevents the diabetic complications such as heart ailments and blindness.
Also Ginger also helps in lowering the blood sugar too.


Garlic: Garlic is another food which helps in the lowering of blood sugars and reduce cholesterol levels. According to researches, its extract helps a lot in achieving this blood sugar reduction.

It also helps in the protection of the heart by reducing the hardening of the arteries. Though it may not be an exact medication for the people with diabetes, but it can be used with the  medications to protect the diabetes patient health.


Eggs: This Food has been under controversies of whether it is good for health or not. Though it is generally believed that eggs can be essential in preventing diabetes but harmful to those who already have diabetes. But one thing about eggs is that they are a healthy sources of protein without an additional carbohydrates which may be a source of addition to blood sugar.
Finally, Eggs have great health benefits for diabetic patients when taken in moderation and also for non-diabetic patients.


Legumes: Generally, we believed that legumes are just sources of protein but it was discovered that they have great benefits for the diabetic patients.
They are a good sources of protein which had no effect on the blood pressure, which are some of the factors which are related to diabetes. Also they contain fibre, which helps in slowing the absorption and breakdown of Sugar.
Examples of legumes are Beans, Peas,peanuts and lentils.


Mango: As a general belief for all fruits, there is a situation that the sugar is too sweet. But the amount of Sugar in the food matters than the source. So in case of mangoes, a half cup is recommended for people with diabetes as it is believed that 80gramms of mangoes per day helps your blood Sugar. Finally, it also contains a mangiferin which has Anti-diabetic properties.

Finally, in addition to these foods, exercises are also essential for proper management of diabetics. Healthy lifestyle also helps in the reversal of diabetes and improve your health conditions.Proper medication also plays a very important role in reversing your diabetes and it is advisable to visit your Doctor for your medication.

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